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Gael Lapasset
Gael Lapasset
Gael Lapasset
Gael Lapasset
Gael Lapasset
Gael Lapasset


Who are you, Gael?

My name is Gael Lapasset, and I'm a French Visual Designer.
See "contact" on the homepage to write me an e-mail.

Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Photography, Web, Motion Design, Typography...

2017: Typography workshop with Dinamo Typefaces (Johannes Breyer and Fabian Harb)
2016: Corporate Identity with Bielke and Yang Oslo (Evan McGuinness)
2016: Creative workshop with StudioSpass Rotterdam (Jaron Korvinus and Daan Mens)
2016: Packaging workshop with Sylvain Allard from UQAM (CA)
2015: Corporate ID workshop with Studiomega Copenhagen (Tobias Roder and Mikkel Lemvig)
2015: Typography workshop with Colophon London (Edd Harrington and Anthony Sheret)
2015: Silk-screen printing workshop with Susanna Shannon
2014: Typography workshop with David Poullard at Fotokino, Marseille (FR)
2014: Chaumont Graphic Design Festival (FR) / "LA LIFE" daily paper with Susanna Shannon
2014: Experimental workshop with Martin Andersen, Alex Rich, Ian Wright, and Kim Thue

2016: Noir Studio / Stephane Lamalle, Marseille (FR)
2014-2015: AKA Design (Tous Des K), Marseille (FR)

2012-2017: Visual Communication and Multimedia / Art Director degree (ECV Aix-en-Provence [FR])
2009-2012: British & American History and Literature degree
(Université de Provence, Aix-en-Provence [FR] and University of Sussex, Brighton [UK])
2008: French Economics Baccalaureat (Lycee Lacordaire, Marseille [FR])


Trash Bar Marseille: complete identity + visuals

A complete visual reboot for the temple of masculine desire and sexuality, based in Marseille (FR).

The idea was to forbid very-muscled naked guys in a way to escape from the clichés of gay places, and to show kinky things, without showing.

I also made a set of videos, you can watch some of them on my Behance (link below).

Photography and Photographic Direction: Antoine Crémieux, Tomas Di Giovanni, Gael Lapasset.

See more about this project on my Behance


French Blood Donation: visual campaign

Official poster for the Blood Donation campaign in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence - Winter 2015.

After a complete day working with the third-year students at ECV Provence, the Blood Donation staff from Aix-en-Provence and Marseille picked two posters to promote blood donation for Summer and Winter 2015.

JE L'AI FAIT (I DID IT) is your first reaction after giving your blood. You feel like a superhero and you want everybody to know it without telling it. And as any other supehero in the world, you have your own sign: the sticking-plaster. :)

I did it - it's your turn now. #BloodDonation

See more about this project on my Behance


Van Gogh Foundation (FR): book collection

For the 2016 reissue of the exhibition catalogues from the Vincent Van Gogh Foundation, the aim was to create a collection spirit, by unifying all the covers and setting a common universe.

The idea which came naturally was to create something non-conformist about exhibition catalogues, and to celebrate what makes contemporary art: it is open to everything, it allows daring the use of surprising shapes, colours and directions, provoking different emotionnal reactions proper to any of us, making it timeless. Contemporary art is the continuity of Van Gogh's work.

For this new collection, 1+1+1 doesn't make three on the cover, but only one. It creates a unique three dimensional cover where everything has a new position, a new size, and a new kind of importance; in order to question, but also to surprise with boldness.

See more about this project on my Behance


Greedy Fanzine #O: the Selfish Issue

It all started with me trying to escape from doing my portfolio for my graduation jury. I was tired of showing my professionnal side and what I can do depending on what the client wants, so I decided to show what I do everyday.

The fanzine includes pictures from some of my trips in Europe, music I like, references and influences. And also goodies, like a toy smartphone, because I like goodies.

Greedy is now becoming an international fanzine, with a new issue coming in January 2018, including works from all around the world, by people who inspires me and also desires to show other dies of the personnality, from craziness to animal instinct.

See more about this project on my Behance


Le design graphique, quand on y connaît rien.

Let's be honest, I have a lot to say about it in French, and it deserved a proper article. Check the Behance link below for the details!

This is my graduation project, about transmitting graphic design basis to teenagers and people who wants to discover what is it. It's also a way to understand the visual universe built around us, with really clear rules, and of course, with pictures.

I developed my own vision of graphic design and how to explain it by working with teenagers for almost ten years. Trust me, this is a a serious way to see your job with new eyes.

Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, 75 physical books got printed in October 2017. And it's just the beginning!

Buy the book on Amazon

See more about this project on my Behance


We are the M2s: posters series

First, we were 80.
Then we were 36, 30, and 22.
At the end, we were 20.

We are (we were!) the M2s / Design 5 students from ECV Aix-en-Provence, 2017. We were a small family, and we had all these words and expressions we always said.

This is a series of posters I made as a tribute to us, who was shown at 2017's open doors of our school.

"Ciao, assholes. *heart* *love*"

See more about this project on my Behance


L'Afrique c'est Chic Festival: visual identity

Project made with Maéva Boiron

Visual identity and signing for L'Afrique C'est Chic Festival, an event about African culture. Our aim here was to show Africa as a fresh continent, still growing up, mixing things together in a way to cook a brand new recipe.

For the visual identity, we decided to create eight free fabric scarves with the festival program on it, with eight different visuals showing the different categories. The front visuals are really raw, mixing African techniques and new aesthetic elements, a bit like when you cook something with all the best things you have and you're waiting for the good result.

For the signing, we decided to use scaffoldings, showing the continent in construction, with canvas hanging on them.

See more about this project on my Behance


DARE (OSER): diary of a Body Art experiment

I love Marina Abramović, and the first aim of this book was to explain her work, without showing it. But with time, I found another aim: how can I explain her work and state of mind for each performance?

Step by step, this book became a journal about preparing my own body art performance, and making it.

The cover is made of fresh painting caught in a plastic pocket you can play with.

See more about this project on my Behance


BACKROOM: a book about dark rooms.

"BACK ROOM" (or BACKROOM) is an art book about the small dark areas in the back of some gay bars/clubs. These places have always fascinated me, because all the men who come in become different people: more than that, they become animals. There is no law, no way to behave properly, no code; just a mutual respect for silence and sexual passion.

The book is filled with hatches, hidden slots, red glasses, instant photos and notes, in a way to recreate and comment the mood in these places, and is stored in a bounded cardboard folder to show the taboo aspect of the topic.

It also includes a DIY book to make your own backroom at home.

Thank you Le Trash Bar Marseille for your collaboration.

See more about this project on my Behance


Portraits series

As a complement for my Master 1 thesis about digital identities and what we show on the Internet, I've made a series of potraits, showing two sides of people we can all know or meet: who they are on social platforms and who they are if you meet them in the street any time.

After an undefined time waiting in front on the camera without any explanation about the project, and with me doing stuff around, pretending I was preparing my camera and checking my e-mails, volunteers got shot only once at any moment. Just the time for them to forget how to pose and start wondering what was happening.

The full series of diptychs is available by clicking on the link below.

See more about this project on my Behance


City of Marseille - Snapchat Geofilter

Geofilter I've made for Snapchat on Summer 2016. Inspired from Grand Theft Auto Vice City's visual universe, the aim of this filter is to represent the perpetual feeling of living in Marseille, France. It's a very nice, warm city, with old school stuff everywhere, but the media keep describing it as a dangerous place, a bit like Vice City actually.

Ladies and gentlemen, Marseille is not dangerous, as long as you're not a drug dealer. Feel free to come, we have so much stuff to show you and share with you. It's like visiting the Past.

Since then, the filter comes and goes all year long, depending on Snapchat's mood. But it's one of the most appreciated filters and I'm really happy with it, thank you. <3

See more (or not really) about this project on my Behance