'REMIXED & REVISITED' project #6 (previous projects available on my Behance portfolio)

Imagine being a 16yo young man, raised peacefully and carefully by a normal family, between classic activities and a private catholic high school, who suddenly becomes conscious of the horrid world he lives in, in a few minutes. That is basically what happened to me in 2006.
At this time, I was struggling against a catholic education at school telling me I would go to hell for being who I am, and my love for pop music. I just discovered one year and a half before Madonna's album 'Confessions on a Dancefloor', and it was my everything - this moment when I discovered a part of who I am. But I was still swimming in an ocean of shame, and I needed a trigger to start saying 'fuck off!'.
Madonna was the perfect trigger, and I didn't even knew it. Back in 2007, when she released her successful 'Confessions Tour' in CD+DVD, I discovered the most impacting video of my life: her 'Sorry (Remix)' interlude. It suddenly opened a window on the world's cruelty, hatred, poverty, sadness, unfairness, and I couldn't close it. Stuck in between her glamorous and shiny pink and purple excerpts from her 'Sorry' music video, are standing Hitler, Jean Marie Le Pen, African kids, dead tigers, the KKK, Condoleezza Rice, George W. Bush Junior, the Pope, bombs...  Pandora's box opened to me.

Madonna raised my love for graphic design, editorial design, video and photography. But more than that, her determination to show what happens outside, far away from us, is incredible. I kept going with this in my mind, and, in an other way, I still do. I needed to pay a tribute to this incredible video, which broke a door in my mind, and the strong visual identity of the 'Confessions' era - 13 years later, but with a new vision, as the man I am now.

This opened window stands in a collage of words, pictures, ideas, a bit like the way it came in my mind at the time. The video version shows you a preview of the video, like flashes in my mind when I remember what I've seen the first time. For the full video, go this way.
And here is the video animated version (if you're a bit sensitive, you shouldn't watch it)
Her famous 'je suis désolée' ('I am sorry' in French) and many other allusions to the lyrics of the song are on the cover.
The 'if you don't like her attitude' line is from her song 'I love New York', starting just after 'Sorry (Remix)' during the Confessions Tour.
More 'REMIXED & REVISITED' content coming soon :) - G.

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