This is the new identity for PRIDE MARSEILLE. As a queer activist who has been raised by the LGBTI marches in my home town, who got the chance to work in the organisation of several prides, it was really important for me to create a proper identity to a project I really support and make sure it evolves in a positive way.

The P and the M stick in a way to create a pole wearing sometimes a rainbow flag, or the many coloured flags of the LGBTQ+ communities.
What can be more symbolic than these many different banners? What can be more impacting than these several coloured pieces of fabrics we wear and which represent the LGBTQI+ diversity? These signs of recognition sometimes float on State buildings, but most of the time they support us in our hard and good times.

From Gilbert Baker, iconic founder of the rainbow flag, to the trans flag or the bear flag, there is nothing more impacting than the colours defining us, helping us finding our place, and participating to our emancipation in societies still trying too hard to hide our fights.

Creative direction: Gael Lapasset

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