As it is not time to party all together yet, Pride Marseille has decided to cancel the Pride March on September the 5th, 2020. Instead, the COPIL (Pride Committee) has planned a full week of events + a visual campaign around the city!

Based on the worldwide campaign "Exist, Persist, Resist" for 2020's Global Pride (June the 27th), the idea of this advertising campaign is to remind LGBT people, queer people, people of colour and sex workers that it's important to be, to fight for having its place in today's society, and to keep on being strong. Pride is about intersectional fights all together. But it's also a way to remind straight people that WE ARE HERE AND PHYSICAL DISTANCING WILL NOT STOP US.

The campaign is set to be broadcast on social networks from June to September 2020, and to appear in public spaces in Marseille, LGBT dating apps and magazines in France between August and September - 20 Minutes Marseille, Ville de Marseille, Gare Saint Charles, RTM, Garçon Magazine, and many more.

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