Let's go straight to the point. The Trash Bar is a gay bar with a cruising area (no, I am not talking about tourism on boats, but about gay guys fucking in a dark room). Now you know what you can expect below. :)

PS: Behance don't like this project. Don't be surprised if it suddenly disappears. Meh.
After two seasons (here and here) working with the Trash Bar, the challenge was really to get something fresh in the same wave, but different. I just needed a theme to lead the whole thing.

"Men are meat". It's not a truth, it's a feeling. This terrible feeling on dating apps, when you're looking for a quickie. After eight years on dating apps (unfortunately), I realised how much I've lost humanity, and became a hunter, a consumer. What I was reproaching to other guys finally happened to me too.

We are meat. We, humans, boys, FtMs, girls, MtFs, gender-fluid people, agender people. Carnivorous or not. We are flesh, we are prey, we are a game, we are what the mass consumption industry made us. We go to the supermarket, we choose, we buy, we eat. What do we do on dating app? We go on the main screen, we choose, we deal, we fuck. Is it good? Is it bad? Can we judge when we don't like this system but we like how easy it is?

Stop thinking, and have a look at these visuals. :)

Visual Direction and full work: Gael Lapasset

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Thanks! - G.

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