I'm back with my 'REMIXED & REVISITED' projects! This time, I focused on the worst era of an icon: Britney's BLACKOUT. Underrated album, this masterpiece is the proof she can work with amazing people and serve dark Pop music in the best way possible. Even if her album was N°1 in several countries for weeks, stuck to Amy Winehouse's BACK TO BLACK, it has been a really hard time for Brit.

But what if she had taken her weaknesses to make them strengths? This was the question I took as my starting point. The 'baldness drama' made her famous for daring cropping her very long classic hair. What would have happen if she would have used this event as the start of her BLACKOUT era?

In my opinion, it would have been like this: no more photos of her for six months, and just this cover: black, with her now-famous hair mower in the light.

No more words, have a look below. Just one more thing about the Japanese tag: it's a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the album, and to remember that the Japanese version was absolutely perfect.
BRITNEY SPEARS' typeface: Sipora Serif by the talented Jackson Green.
More 'REMIXED & REVISITED' content coming soon :) - G.

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