Another project from my 'REMIXED & REVISITED' series!

Re-inventing mainstream artists' covers isn't that easy, for one simple reason: everything is calculated. Everything. Things and ideas go from one person to another, to another, another... And the graphic designer is just the puppet of another creative puppet, who is the puppet of a marketing guy, himself the puppet of a label. So basically, everything is carefully analysed. Especially when your name is Taylor Swift.

This time, I wanted to push a bit more her need to break boundaries and imaginary limits people have built around her. As her album 'Reputation' is already a way for her to re-invent herself, this time I imagined what would have been a proper middle finger to all this people talking shit about her, and a real bad ass visual.

Rumours, gossips, illegal downloads, feuds, trials, failures... All these results that can be found in Google build Swift a proper Reputation she talks about in her texts, but never directly, as her entourage clearly forces her to shut her mouth, when they don't force her to hide. Meh, what a life.

So, here is a representation of all these things. Including a special sticker hiding her eyes... When she hides from the world.

More 'REMIXED & REVISITED' content coming soon :) - G.

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