Let's go straight to the point. The Trash Bar is a gay bar with a cruising area (no, I am not talking about tourism on boats, but about gay guys fucking in a dark room). Now you know what you can expect below. :)
My last experience with them for their new identity + 2017 campaign went very well. We both got a very positive feedback from people on Facebook, also through word of mouth, and also, clients(!!!). Yup, guys who come for a quick fuck were happy with it, so do I. I was seriously surprised as this was a double or quits: if people wouldn't like this funny, mysterious and kinky vision, it would have meant to do something totally different for next campaign and it would have been very difficult.

But guess what? When something is successful, doing something quite similar but better is worse than starting from nothing. Good news, it was hard, but I'm happy with the result. :)

This time, I wanted to focus more on the "pure male aesthetic". Calm down, nothing misogynistic here. My aim was just to explore the codes of masculine visual design: typefaces, effects, colours, words, and symbols catching males' attention. I got the perfect examples every single evening under my eyes at the gym: WHEY PROTEIN BOXES. Starting from this, all came really quick: I wanted to appeal males' eyes like kids in a toyshop, with a lot of effects. Yas, guys like shinning things.
After that, it clearly happened to my mind that exploring these codes would lead to super heroes, music, Gothic, Roman, retro, with a touch of sweetness. We are all different but interests easily match... We are men in a a worldwide society with (sometimes really odd and shitty) codes.

The hardest was possibly not to stick to the same kind of visuals. Once you get how it works, keep the elements, and change the structure. I could have made a whole supermarket just with one idea. I had to stop myself getting a bit too much in the consumption idea haha, and go back to experimental. Men experiment a lot. Gay men create experiments. ;)
Texts (from left to right): "full moon anytime" / "super hero for one night only" (balaclava party) / "simple, basic" (reference to a song from French rapper Orelsan)
Visual Direction and full work: Gael Lapasset

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Thanks! - G.

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